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I provide Incorporation services, setting up your accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, preparing financial statements and tax returns.

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I improve your business top line through sales and marketing advice, bottom line through accounting and tax advice.

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I help you build an effective cash machine out of your business, using the 7-Figure ABS Blueprint and maximize your wealth.

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your success is my passion

sri An accountant by profession and author by passion. Loves travelling the world. Dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs to achieve success in life and business by helping them break through their barriers.

  • Sri is very dependable. I have referred him to someone and Srinivas has saved them lot of money in taxes. He does extra work to make sure the client does not incur extra taxes or penalties. He is very knowledgeable handling issues, where it could have cost the client a fortune.

  • What I was looking for was help with my online side of the business. What I learnt is I needed to change my mindset more than anything. My attitude and the way that I spoke to myself about the business was not congruent with what I expected. Sri helped me change all that.

  • Did doing Sri’s workshop help me increase my income and improve my business? The answer is a categorical and absolute Yes. I have more clients and the clients I already have are sending me more and more work.

  • Working with Sri, I have been shown strategies that have really allowed me to take my business to the next level. He has absolutely helped me crystallize how to attract my target customers to my business in a way that’s authentic.


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