Sri Pabbaraju

Srinivas Pabbaraju emigrated to Canada in 1995 with nothing more than his Chartered Accountant qualification from India, four suitcases, a pregnant wife and a bank loan of $4,000 that had to be repaid within a year. Soon thereafter he realized that his accounting qualification was not recognized in Canada and he remained jobless for several months. Not one to give up, he quickly adapted to the new reality.

He moved from being a struggling immigrant to an under-paid and overworked employee at the same establishment for over ten years. While being a full time employee and father, he enrolled in studies and became a qualified Chartered Accountant in Canada. Later on he became the youngest partner in the same firm, where he started as the junior most technician.

Being persistent and resilient through the tough times, never losing focus on his goals, Sri moved on to starting his own accounting business in 2011. Two years of workaholic attitude led to his burnout. He seized the opportunity to reconsider his life’s purpose and vision.

Fast forward to the present, he is now the founder of SPPC, author of several books, reports, creator of online programs and courses and a success coach. He now conducts workshops on financial planning, cash flow budgets and was featured on magazines (CA Spotlight and Business Edge) and interviewed on several podcasts.

Having withstood the tests of time and life, he is passionate about reaching out to people that are struggling in their lives and business. He is committed to help people break through their internal and external barriers that hold them back from achieving the financial success and lifestyle they desire.

He now lives a fulfilled life, where in his leisure time, he loves to write fantasy fiction for kids, if he is not travelling around the world with his close-knit and loving family.

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