Your Values or your beliefs define your character. You are an instrument that embodies these values.

Values are not something that you can take them easy or ignore. These are what you stand for and what distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd.

This is the foundation on which your life and your business is built. It needs to be very strong, so that when you build your skyscraper, it will last the test of time.

Here are my values, to help you understand the concept and get started on your own set of values:

I live life without regrets.

I do not second guess myself. If I really want to do something, then I do it. I may not like it after all, but at least I know that I have tried it and I did not like it. I do not want to go to grave, with any regrets of inaction. Life is too precious to waste living with regrets.

I do what I say and say what I mean. I believe in speaking my mind.

I am radically honest in my communication. To utter something when I don’t mean it reflects lack of character on my part and I refuse to be knows as such. It is easier to speak my mind, rather than remember the lies spoken, that will sooner or later suffocate me to death.

I do not cut corners when it comes to my personal integrity, character and reputation. I take pride in my values more than money or life itself. I am fiercely protective about them.

I do not say one thing and then go do something else. By sticking to one set of principles, I stand out from the crowd as a fiercely unique individual, tall and proud. I do not bend my values, trying to fit in to a group, because I choose not to be a hypocrite.

I only associate with people that share my values.

Rather than try to fit in a crowd, I am purposeful in choosing the people that I hang out with. Those that are passionate about the things that I am passionate about. Those that are bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Those that are achievers and go getters. Those that push me to be a better version of myself. I thrive in such company.

I am resilient and persistent. I do not let circumstances and experiences limit me or constrain my voice and personality.

When life throws lemons, make lemonade is an old saying. Sell that lemonade to build my castle – is the way I am going to live my life. I may not be able to avoid hardships and bitter experiences in life. Those that are meant to be are passages through which it is necessary for me to keep travelling. I have no choice over external circumstances. However I get to choose how I will respond to them. That is very much in my control.

I look to thrive, not merely survive. I challenge myself to break through self-limiting barriers

It is mind over matter. I do not believe in mediocre existence. Life is meant to be glorious and magnificent, not mundane. And it is on the other side of fear, on the other side of barriers, which invariably are self-imposed. I would rather leap over the fires in front of me, rather than walk through them.

I strongly believe that my success lies in and follows others’ success.

If I am successful in executing my vision, people across the globe will be able to live authentic lives without regret. They will find inspiration to break through their barriers and find courage and resilience to push past their struggles and challenges. They will be able to succeed in their lives and business at the same time, without having to compromise one for the other.

I am open minded. I respect others’ limits and boundaries. I do not judge or make assumptions about others.

I have my own limitations and I accept that of others as well. I am responsible for my own life and on one else’s. I don’t know their stories, just as they don’t know mine. To be able to look at this world without filters is truly liberating, because now the whole world is now my playground.

I am committed to give my 100% to anything that I undertake, because nothing less will suffice.

I understand that to live a life without regrets, I have to give it all that I got, because there is only one chance of living this life without regrets. I would rather roll up my sleeves, dig deeper, get down and dirty and discover the diamond that is buried deep within, rather than pick the pebbles on the surface. I consciously choose to live an extraordinary life.

I have a plan to achieve my goals and I have the discipline to follow that plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. I know what I want and I have a laser-sharp focus on how to get there, plus a plan that will help me get there. The plan may not be foolproof, but it is packed with massive action that is bound to get me my results.

As you can see, figuring out your values is not an easy task. You have to go back in time to identify your values – what you truly believe in and what is important to you.

Be careful, when you list these values down. Because you have to live by them, these are not just words on paper. These are the parameters that you have to live within.

You have to constantly evaluate almost on an instinct basis, (evaluate – not judge) events, people and activities to see if they live up to your values. You may have to make sacrifices in the process, something that you may not enjoy doing, but is necessary to make your life worth living.


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