Lemons To Lambo...


Lemons To Lambo

Most entrepreneurs lack the mindset they need to succeed in business, not because they don’t try.

It is because they are stuck in the past, with their behaviourial patterns and their habits.

While some of them do try to consciously change their habits by taking up 30-day and 90-day challenges, they soon fall back into their old patterns of being and doing.

That is because they have not learnt their lessons from their past regrets.

Unless you have learnt from your past regrets, you will not be able to forge ahead with renewed vigour.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade is the old way of looking at things.

When stuck in a rut, don’t try to come out of it step by step, take a quantum leap.

I take that theory for a 10x spin and ask you to use those lemons to get yourself a lambo.

Have a grand vision for yourself.

Are you ready to…

-Renew your passion for life?

-Develop a healthy, positive outlook towards life?

-Regain confidence in your abilities?

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