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9 Nerve Wrecking Statistics About Retirement In USA. I Was Shocked To Read About #8

Did you know that, in a recent survey, half of current retirees said they left the work force unexpectedly as a result of health problems, disability, or getting laid off! If you think you’ll just “work forever” instead of planning for retirement, you may want to think again.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam bibendum vitae turpis quis dapibus. Proin eleifend vel risus ac tincidunt. Nulla orci turpis, interdum et euismod ac, volutpat at magna. Duis vestibulum consequat magna, a porttitor metus efficitur eu. Etiam aliquet facilisis vulputate. Proin vitae interdum nunc, quis aliquam purus. Donec volutpat malesuada quam, sit amet dapibus purus pellentesque vel. Curabitur nisi est, tincidunt sed diam dignissim, molestie commodo arcu. Pellentesque ut justo sodales felis varius porta. Mauris non tristique lorem, at iaculis dolor. Aliquam erat volutpat. Here are some hard hitting facts that…



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